Rain-Friendly Seattle Activities

Posted on October 17th, 2016

If any of you will be spending time in Seattle between now and next May, you can be pretty sure it will be raining for most or all of your stay.  It’s not just a pop culture trope; it’s real.  Of the next ten days, rain is predicted every day, with a higher than 50% chance on eight of them.  Treating every rainy day as an opportunity to snuggle inside and eat cookies would turn one into a roly poly recluse, so we do our best to go about our lives.  Here are five of my favorite rainy season activities:



Chihuly Museum– Native Pacific Northwesterner Dale Chihuly‘s art is the standard bearer of blown glass excellence.  His works are showcased at a gorgeous museum right next to the Space Needle.  This is my #1 attraction recommendation for out of town visitors– it’s distinctive and unique to Seattle, and since it also takes only about 90 minutes to go through, it’s also digestible for all attention spans.



Watson Kennedy– My favorite boutique in Seattle!  If you’re visiting Pike Place Market, they have a smaller outpost there, but their full store, less than half a mile away on 1st Ave, is absolutely worth the short walk.  They merchandise by color.  So, so aesthetically pleasing.



Rhein Haus– Definitely worth mentioning during Oktoberfest!  There’s something inherently cozy and hearty about a German restaurant during a rainy, cold winter, but this place is about more than just the schnitzel.  They have indoor bocce courts so you can play with your pint and fresh pretzels, and it’s a great spot for watching sports, too.


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Cinerama– Through the patronage of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Cinerama offers the coolest date-night-at-the-movies experience.  They have one theatre and show one film, and it’s projected using a special technique onto a huge, curved screen using multiple projectors– one of only four theatres in the country with this technology.  If that doesn’t persuade you, perhaps the recliners, 21+ concession stand, and chocolate popcorn will.



Elliott Bay Books– One of those places you slip into and completely lose track of time, Elliott Bay is everything that is wonderful about local bookshops.  It’s laid out in a way so you always find exactly what you need but didn’t know you were looking for.  An aesthetically perfect cafe in the back can provide sustenance and caffeine while you browse, or a place to sit and read if you just can’t wait to get your purchases home.


What I’ve found about the rain is that it has made me that much more appreciative of the rare moments when the sun shines– truly an unexpected lesson in gratitude.  And an excuse to buy cute wellies.