Friday Five

Posted on July 14th, 2017

Tragically, it’s mid July already.  I always feel like the summer spins by way too quickly after July 4.  Last Sunday morning my mom and I had just wrapped up a 7 mile run + gossip session in Central Park on a sunny morning and I had the overwhelming desire to pause time or at least bottle up the feeling for a rainy November day.



Lounging… My parents live in a high rise building in Tribeca that has a great outdoor sundeck next to the (tragically indoor) pool.  Growing up sitting next to the pool and chatting with friends, reading a book, needlepointing, or just eating chicken fingers was my main summer activity.  Looking around and seeing skyscrapers is definitely different from overlooking tennis courts and the wafting smell of NYC trash is definitely different than that of freshly cut fairways, but it scratches the itch and helps with my Vitamin D intake.


Reading… I am not sure how I escaped an elite liberal education without it, but I had never read The Handmaid’s Tale, something I particularly felt I needed to rectify given its topical content.  I found it incredibly well written and compelling, and finished it within 36 hours.  For my primary reading location, see photo above.


Romping… After years of abject failure,  I may have finally found a romper (under $100!) in which I feel comfortable romping.  I’m the super fun kind of person who orders things online and then usually needs to try them on about 7 times before I make the final keep vs. return decision, so it’s still too early to tell, but this seems promising promising.


Puzzling… I’m not generally much for celebrity gossip, but I’m fairly entertained by the namegame confusion of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins.  Does Rumi have only one name?  Does Sir Carter Carter have two last names?  Is his name just Sir Carter?  Also, is Beyonce trying to tell us that plastic flowers are making a comeback?


Weekending… My best friend from Penn is coming up from Maryland this weekend!  I haven’t seen her since November, and I’m excited for a good old fashioned catch up.