The New Digs

Posted on August 30th, 2017

As I hinted in my birthday recap post, Ian and I closed on a house in Westchester a few weeks ago!  When we planned our move to the east coast, we knew we wanted to buck the millennial trend by skipping city living (= expensive rent) and investing in a longer term home (= expensive mortgage).  I had lived in the city before and hadn’t loved it, and financially, if you don’t really want to be in New York City, you shouldn’t be.  Even so, we knew that this would require a giant leap of faith.


When we were thinking about where we wanted to live, we envisioned a place that felt more like a cute little town that happened to be near New York City rather than a place that exists to be a suburb for Manhattan commuters.  With all of our criteria in mind, we considered a few communities north of the city most seriously: Rye, Larchmont, Greenwich, and Darien.  Available inventory and proximity to the city determined the winner: we now live in Larchmont!  It is an easy 35 minute train ride to the city, which makes for a convenient commute and an easy trip for weekend dinners with friends, but has an adorable village center, great schools, and tons of families that really make it a wonderful community.



We have technically been living in the house for the past three weeks, but we have a very big renovation planned such that we aren’t fully getting settled (aside from the planters my mother put together for our front porch– thanks, Mommy!).  Except for clothes, a bed, a couch, and a TV, our belongings are safely stored in the basement.  The goal is to be in a place where we’re able to “move in” more fully by the new year.  I love following other people’s renovation adventures, so I am definitely planning some posts to take a closer look at our plans and progress.





Hint: that middle picture shows where we will be adding a two story addition!


Even without the picture perfect home (yet!), we are loving being here.  We run down to the water and back every morning through gorgeous neighborhoods, we say hello to our neighbors on our evening walk, and are starting to identify our favorite local spots.  So far, this leap of faith seems to have landed us on solid ground on the other side.