Posted on November 6th, 2017

Sometimes, nonprofit work is a grind.  The tasks are not always glamorous; the challenges and logistics can be daunting.  But sometimes, the days are fun, the wins are quick, and things fall into place.


My best friend, Hannah, was married in St. Louis during the last weekend of October, and my mom and I were both so excited to have an excuse to head back to the Midwest.  We have so many friends and family that we do not see nearly often enough; I had not been home for five months.  We devised the perfect scheme to lure them all to one place so we could visit with all of them during our relatively limited window of availability– under the guise of charity, naturally!




The best smelling, best visually merchandised shop in St. Louis is K. Hall Studio, and my mom and I have been fans for a long time.  (Good chance you’re familiar with the products they wholesale to Anthropologie and other retailers)  My mom asked if they would be willing to stay open late for us on a Thursday evening, allow us (along with a friend) to throw a cocktail party in their shop, and donate a portion of sales to JDRF.  Miraculously, they agreed!


We spread the news to everyone we knew with our “Mummy Needs a Drink” invitation via Paperless Post.  A perfect pre-Halloween theme, set in a venue that immediately makes you want to start your holiday shopping.  We planned a few snacks, and offered beer, wine, and {spiked} cider.  What else is there?  The team at K. Hall was amazing in their support.







The two hour event flew by, and we felt so fortunate to have so many shoppers join us for a visit.  Definitely the most low maintenance, most fun event for JDRF  I have worked on.  This is a great time of year to approach your favorite boutiques, local or otherwise, to see if they would be willing to partner with you in support of your favorite causes.  Generosity, shopping, and social engagements are at an annual high– ’tis the season!


Wearing: Dress // Shoes (size up at least one size!)