A Hoppy Holiday

Posted on March 29th, 2016

Guys, Seattle is really far away.  From everything.  My own family hasn’t been able to visit us since we moved here; I was not about to blame the Easter Bunny if he wasn’t able to make the trip.



But you guys.  He came!!! 😉


We had decided to host an Easter brunch at our apartment for a handful of close friends, and we really wanted to give them the full Easter experience.


After we made them hunt around our apartment for the eggs we had hidden the Bunny had hidden, it was time for brunch.  I had made this breakfast casserole for my family at Thanksgiving and could not wait to make it again.  With the croissants, gruyere, and parmesan, it’s a little expensive, a whole lot decadent, and and completely wonderful and worth it.  (I  modify it by adding a ton of veggies, using turkey sausage, and cutting the amount of gruyere and cream in half)


We paired the casserole with super yummy apricot glazed carrots that I’m sure the Easter Bunny would appreciate, fruit salad, champagne fruit punch, and traditional Hot Cross Buns.  (Sacrilegious confession: I don’t care for hot cross buns)  And of course, the coconut Nutella egg nests!



In short, there were eggs.  There was tons of food.  There was chocolate.  Easter was a success.