Final Farewell to #5

Posted on September 5th, 2016

This year, the end of summer brought with it a particularly poignant end of an era.  Whether I was living on the East Coast or West Coast, St. Louis was my home base.  My parents are finally relocating to Manhattan, and my childhood home will be torn down.  I am so excited for their next chapter, but it was sobering to wake up in my room this morning for the final time (…at 4am.  Because I couldn’t stop thinking about how it was the final time).  Last night, my parents, Ian, and I (and Gracie!) dug out a quality bottle of champagne for a farewell toast to our home in the garden.



A house is defined by a building or a structure, but a home is defined by people and a feeling.  Those two have been unusually intertwined and tied to this place throughout my childhood, but as we say goodbye to our house, we look forward to the next time we are all home together, wherever that may be.


So long, St. Louis.  I Miss{ouri} you already.