Wedding Wednesday: Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Posted on September 7th, 2016

The #NightingaleNuptials have come and gone, but wedding blog posts live on.  There were many things I chose not to divulge before wedding that I’m happy to document now, and (shocker!) I’m now a bit more educated about the wedding process given that I have actually had one.  I promise I’m not living in the past.  Well, just a little, privately, in my head.


Lore dictates that a bride’s accessories on her wedding day incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.  It is so much more special to pick things that have meaning or sentimentality (as if weddings don’t have enough of that already!).  Definitely the funnest accessorizing ever, and I also love that using items with history and purpose supersedes the materialistic tendencies that can plague a wedding.  I ended up really happy with the things I used.





Something Old- The earrings and brooch set originally belonged to my great-grandmother, who passed them to my grandmother, and they now belong to me.  In wearing them, I took pride in feeling like I was honoring their legacies. Pearls are very much a part of my aesthetic anyway (you had no idea, right?), and I pinned the brooch on the sash for a little sparkle on my otherwise-very-simple dress.  The earrings are pretty, but vintage clip-ons… ouch!


Something New- My veil.  I opted for something simple and classic with this chapel-length tulle choice during the ceremony.


Something Borrowed- Triple strand pearl bracelet, which my dad gave to my mom on the occasion of my birth.  Perfect in every way.


Something Blue- This can be hard to pull off without getting a little gimmicky, but I ended up having two things that kind of counted.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I ordered this blue Oscar de la Renta stationery and used it to document the personal vows I wrote to Ian.   My parents also surprised me with the most beautiful beaded clutch with my new monogram in navy blue beading.  I was a little superstitious about the whole new monogram thing, so I made sure not to touch it until the ceremony was over!  The inside of the clutch (pictured above) is the best part– a secret reminder of the best day of my life.  I’ve already used it about ten times since the wedding, too!


I love to hear about the sweet items other people incorporated into their big day.  What did you use, or are you planning to use?