National Stripes Day

Posted on March 30th, 2017

Most made-up holidays are a little frivolous and silly, and may in fact just be a marketing gimmick… and J. Crew’s National Stripes Day, planned for tomorrow, is truthfully no exception.  But I’m willing to give in to a little frivolity if I can use it as an excuse to wear stripes for a purpose.  (Who am I kidding?  Like I ever need an excuse!)


I was in St. Louis visiting my grandparents last weekend, and my friend, Lexi, and I met up for a little coffee date.  Naturally, we were in full striped uniform.  It was a bit of a brisk early spring morning, but as a Seattlite I currently consider all forms of weather that aren’t rain to be pleasant and sufficient for being outdoors.





I hadn’t seen Lexi since she visited Seattle in September, so an in-person catchup was long overdue.  (Thank goodness for texting in the meantime!)  Lexi is the kind of infectiously joyous friend who makes you want to dance for no reason.  Seriously.







 J. Crew’s latest striped shift dress has an electric blue stripe and buttons at the cuffs, and is a perfect length for a myriad of settings– including the office!  I appreciate the warmth of the longer sleeves during a transitional weather period, too.  I haven’t gotten into the off-the-shoulder trend due to its limited ability to layer, but this nautical number has definitely caught me eye.

 Enjoy your stripes on Friday, whether vertical or horizontal!  Remember, you never need an excuse to wear stripes– but they’re giving you one anyway.


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