Friday Five

Posted on March 31st, 2017

Hello from Canada!  My first time using my new name passport.  Our long-awaited trip to Lake Louise has ended up coming at a tricky time, but I am so looking forward to some days of exploring and catching up with two of our best New York friends.  This has been on my bucket list, and I’m really excited for all the weekend has in store.  Spoiler: dogsledding.



Shivering… with bare legs.  Temperatures in Seattle usually top out around 50 degrees these days, but it’s nearly April, I’m finished wearing tights for the season, and I’d rather pretend it’s spring and go tights-less for work.  Definitely my own personal stupidity choice.


Tracking… The Skinny Dip: Charleston Edition.  How cute does this new boutique in my favorite little city look?  I’ve been stalking their Instagram for weeks, and I can’t believe how many of my favorite brands are involved.  They open their doors tomorrow– can’t wait for the pictures, and for an in-person visit down the line.


Craving… ice cream.  Little G ice cream, to be precise.  While recovering from a brain tumor at only 16 years old, Grace Connor channeled her frustrations into churning out the most tempting and jaw-dropping flavors.  Fortunately, Goldbely has added Little G to their online ordering service, so you can have a little taste of Massachusetts heading your way, too!


Browsing… for a bridesmaid dress.  I’m so excited to be in my best friend’s wedding in October (my first time helping a friend say I Do!), and she’s just given us our marching orders on attire.  Very generously, she’s giving us a lot of leeway– if you come across any wine/burgundy/maroon formal dresses, send them my way!


Saying Yes… to rosé , because Yes Way Rosé.  If warmer temps cause you to fill your glass with something a little pinker, the Summer Water Societé is perfect for you.  Nothing beats Veuve, but I suppose this will do.


Bonus!  In case you missed it, the Fearless Girl is here to stay (for now).