Friday Five

Posted on April 7th, 2017

Started the week in Canada, ending the week in St. Louis!  It’s funny– Ian and I don’t live in St. Louis anymore and incidentally our parents don’t either, but we still refer to our St. Louis trips as “going home.”  It just feels right.  We’re staying with my aunt and uncle on this trip, and I’m really digging the wallpaper in their bathroom.



In other Friday Five news:


Baking… a cake!  We all have those coworkers who seem to do not only their own job but also step up and help with everyone else’s too, the ones who make the office a better place.  One such leader on our team had a birthday on Monday, and requested white cake with the acclaimed rainbow chip frosting.  I tried three stores before I tracked the right frosting down, and this base white cake recipe was the perfect pairing.  I actually didn’t change a single thing about the recipe– the whipped egg whites made for the most amazing texture.  I can’t wait to make this recipe again and mix it up with a bit of citrus or almond.


Blending… avocado pesto sauce.  Spiralized zucchini noodles never get old when you’re constantly trying different preparations, and I loved this bright green sauce this week.  Halving the recipe was plenty for dinner for two people, and I also roasted some cherry tomatoes in the oven and sliced up a chicken sausage to make it a low-carb but delicious meal.


Inspired by… my friend Lexi’s gratitude.  Lexi, of stripes-wearing blog fame, published an essay with The Mighty this week as she continues her eating disorder recovery journey.  I’m so proud of her for writing about her recovery, and for the lens of appreciation through which she writes.


Donating… to the Syrian American Medical Society.  The news about this week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria this week was devastating, and first responders in Syria need additional resources to treat victims.  You can donate here.


Watching… this little clip from Barbour.  Makes me look forward to the dog days of summer, if you know what I mean!


Blue skies forecasted in St. Louis this weekend– perfect weather for staying inside and watching the Masters on TV!