Scallop Carry All

Posted on April 12th, 2017

I admit that when it comes to scallops, there is absolutely such a thing as too much, but a little scallop detailing adds a feminine dimension to an outfit.  My carry all tote was purchased two years ago in the early resurgence of the scallop trend, and it continues to be a favorite for travel, weekend errands, and even as a work bag in warmer months.  I was pleased to see so many similar options at such a range of price points this season both because I have validation that my bag is still #trendy and I am still #hip, and also because it means you all can scoop one up for yourselves, too!




At the upper end of the price range, the Asha Waverly designs continue to be my favorite.  Tons of colors, opportunity for personalization through monogram or even your favorite vacation destination, and a smaller scallop scale for a bit of differentiation from other options on the market.


My bag is Kate Spade, and they’re continuing to turn out similar offerings in fun color and in professional black, several of which are on sale!  I have a Deux Lux clutch from last season, and the price on their tote is amazing (plus Amazon Prime shipping!).  Laser cut totes transition particularly well to vacation/beach/pool/summer bags, and this one includes a removable zippered pouch, too.


Shop some of my favorites below (and click here to view in browser). Half of these are under $100!