Friday Five

Posted on May 19th, 2017

Let’s start out with the big ol’ elephant in the room.  My grandfather passed away on May 1, and I took a break from blogging.  I’m crazy fortunate to have spent so much of my life with an amazing grandfather, but I am always going to want one more day.  I have spent some really meaningful and lovely time with my family and friends celebrating his life in the past few weeks, but I think I’m ready to gingerly dip my toe back into the blogging waters.


A Friday Five seems like a good place to start!



Channeling… Julia Child.  Her cottage in the south of France is now available for rent on AirBnb, fully outfitted kitchen and all.  Although I worry I would be too nervous to actually touch anything.


Shopping… somewhere other than Nordstrom!  It’s a big deal.  I was in a pinch last weekend and needed a casual dress I could wear out of the store, and Gap saved the day with this super soft piece.


Gifting… I gave my mom this crossbody for Mother’s Day.  Since she lives in New York City now and is out and about, a good crossbody makes a ton of sense.  Even though it’s leather it’s super light when empty, so you’re not lugging around extra weight unnecessarily.


PSA: Don’t refrigerate your champagne.


Weekending… with my family!  We are enjoying a long-scheduled visit from my parents and brother, William, until Tuesday.  The weather outlook is weirdly positive; I suspect Seattle is just showing off.


Have a wonderful weekend!