Beat the Bridge

Posted on May 22nd, 2017

I’ve attended events through my work with JDRF all around the country, which has been such a cool way to meet people who share my passion for supporting the type one diabetes community while learning about the philanthropy scene in different parts of the country.  From New York to California, my favorite JDRF event is actually one that is exclusive to Seattle– Beat the Bridge!


JDRF has One Walk events all around the country, but two things really make Beat the Bridge stand out.  Its location is perfect– it partners with University of Washington’s Husky Stadium so that the finish line and afterparty are on the field.  Unlike other One Walks, Beat the Bridge has a road race component, so while people can opt to do the traditional 5k walk, the main event is a USTAF-sanctioned 8k run.  The bridge to beat is a drawbridge over Lake Union about a mile and a half into the run, although getting stranded just means getting to participate in an 8 minute dance party on the other side before the bridge is lowered again.


Ian and I had loved the experience last year on a rainy fifty degree day, so on a gorgeous sunny morning we were confident we would have an amazing time.  Several friends joined us, and my parents even scheduled a trip to Seattle around the event, and I was so glad that I got to share the run with my mom, too.






In addition to our Team JDRF gear, my mom and I coordinated in our favorite Sparkle Skirts.  I’ve worn them for half marathons and full marathons, and they are insanely comfortable and functional for distance running.  They’re definitely a conversation starter out on the course, too!


The cutest part of the day was the Diaper Derby.  Some of these children have clearly been training!  Total chaos, and totally adorable.




There is no better way to start the day than running in perfect weather with your favorite people for your favorite cause.  There’s also no better way to raise over $2 million for type one diabetes research!