Friday Five

Posted on June 9th, 2017

Is there anything better than summer?  Seattle had three actual days of summer weather this week (unusual for June), I wore dresses and wasn’t cold, all was well in the world.



Baking… cinnamon honey oat muffins.  This evening I noticed I had buttermilk on the verge of going bad and more honey than I could possibly need, so this recipe seemed like just the thing.


Watching… Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  After last season I was a little worried about the show, but I’ve watched the first half of this season and am loving a lot of the humor!  Plus, always girl crushing on Ellie Kemper.


Wearing… this top.  Ian told me once in 2009 that he doesn’t like the one shoulder look so I’ve stayed away from it since, but I couldn’t resist the gingham and scallop hem.  Hopefully he’ll love me anyway.


Obsessing… over Chassity’s Coral House vacation home!  I’ve probably looked through these photos four times.  I feel compelled to go to Harbour Island immediately.  Light, airy, beachy without being cutesy nautical– strikes just the right chord.


Stressing… over the perfect Father’s Day gift.  I’ve been through all the gift guides and I’m racking my brain, but nothing is jumping out to me.  Any suggestions??


Happy Weekend!