Spontaneous Sunset Picnic

Posted on July 31st, 2017

Since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started, I’ve been working most evenings (including on weekends) to support our teams, but the stars aligned for a perfect last minute night off on Sunday.  The weather was completely gorgeous, and none of us had any particular plans, so we organized an impromptu picnic in Battery Park.


This wasn’t the kind of blogger picnic with a well styled cheese plate with items procured from Dean and Deluca laid out on a gingham blanket set in a remote country hillside with no one around for miles.  This was the kind where you pull items out of the fridge, grab some throw blankets off the couch, and join the masses of Manhattan on the waterfront.


We did have one staple picture-perfect-picnic item, though– rosé.  Which we did not drink out of red solo cups, but gold metallic paper cups, signaling our true level of class.  I also made a quick relatively lightened up summer squash casserole, for which I may share the recipe later.  It involved a breadcrumb topping made from goldfish and cheese, though, so you know it’s good.





After several weeks cooped up I was excited to have a reason to leave the apartment that wasn’t exercising or buying groceries, so I broke out a new dress for the occasion.  An unexpected delay in our moving process has left me stuck rotating the same five striped dresses for more than a month, so I finally broke down and bought… another striped dress.


I’ve been weirdly late to the off the shoulder game because of my hesitancy to buy anything over which I cannot wear a cardigan or sweater, but I realized this dress could be worn with a smocked rounded neck look if I needed to layer.  I really loved the length in particular (definitely long enough to be dressed up with wedges), and the fabric is a bit more substantial than some light cotton summer dresses.  I paired it with these drop earrings from my current Rocksbox set, which I’ve been wearing several times a week lately.






I can’t imagine a more enjoyable way to eat soggy leftover salad.


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