Friday Five

Posted on September 8th, 2017

A short but productive week!  Ready for another weekend where we’re staying in town before we start the every-other-weekend travel schedule until Thanksgiving-ish.  Two of our best friends are coming up for a Westchester date tomorrow evening, and my dad is coming up to see our house for the first time on Sunday, so we’re looking forward to playing host (as if we didn’t just move here three weeks ago…).



This picture was snapped on an evening walk at a house around the corner.  Such a good example of an English garden– teach me your green thumb ways!


On Friendships… I really respect Jess & Hallie‘s honest posts about the struggles they had in their friendship in the past year.  Everyone knows, accepts, and discusses that romantic partnerships take work, but there are a lot of parallels in platonic relationships between two people, too.  I have had times where I have felt I have lost my way with some of my dearest friends, but it is always, always worth it to try to work through things with the people who mean most to you.


On Puppies… Gracie is back from the Hamptons, but my parents are still on the road, so Gracie is having a few days in Larchmont with us.  I’m loving having a little white fluffy shadow, and she is loving the freedom to join us on car rides, run around in a yard, and receive pats from cute children in our neighborhood.


On Autumn… Normally I reassure myself the there are still a few weeks of summer after Labor Day, and growing up in the Midwest temperatures often lingered in the low 80s until October.  This year, I’m already packing up summer clothes and reaching for transitional pieces.  Due to my distaste for wearing long pants, I see this as a regrettable situation.


On the Electoral College… For any other American political science nerds out there, I found this article interesting… by which I mean I read the whole thing and did some additional research and still haven’t decided how I feel about the proposal.  I have problems with the Electoral College, but I’m not sure this is the solution.


On Shopping Local… This morning, I drove up to Darien after dropping Ian at the train to visit what is quickly becoming one of my favorite boutiques, Kirby & Company.  With an impressive greeting card selection, tons of cute giftables, a little cafe, and some amazing home decor pieces, it is pretty much everything I am looking for in a store.  I was there scouting inspiration for our renovation, and ended up picking up a casual 10 cards and some other little items.  (Not sponsored, just real love!)  I also swung by Darien Sport Shop and was able to get the snuggly Sail to Sable top I’ve been coveting for fall.  It’s just in that perfect sweet spot of dressy sweatshirt that you can get away with on casual Friday while also pairing perfectly with your weekend leggings and riding boots.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and sending extra good vibes to readers in the Southeast facing severe weather.


PS I updated my “Wearing & Wanting” sidebar this week– including the perfect red raincoat on which I have already gotten so many compliments!