Nordy Girl No More

Posted on September 13th, 2017

We moved 82 days ago, but it has not been until today that I have needed to say one of the most difficult Seattle goodbyes.  Today is my last day with Nordstrom, and I am closing out a chapter in my professional career that has not only brought me opportunity for growth beyond my wildest dreams, but has also brought me years of immense joy.




When Ian and I were assessing our options when he received a very enticing offer in New York in the spring, I was pretty panicked by the thought of losing my professional momentum even as it was fairly evident that the move would be the right choice for our family and future.  Logistically, I also knew it would be a pretty tricky time for my team at work to be playing a man down.  I presented options to my team’s leaders, and it was mutually agreed upon that I should plan to support the team remotely for a while until a smooth transition could be planned.  I was pretty elated with this outcome– I was eager to continue with some of the exciting projects on which I was working, and from a personal perspective it would be one fewer urgent variable as Ian transitioned jobs, we moved 3,000 and we bought a home.




But alas, that transition time has arrived.  To say I’m a bundle of mixed emotions is an understatement, but I can truthfully report that the prevailing sentiment is gratitude.  I wanted to learn and be challenged, and Nordstrom presented me with so many incredible teachers and problems to solve.  My experiences were enlightening and empowering; each new day felt like an adventure.  In a world where “I hate my job” seems to be the catchphrase of so many millennials, it’s not easy to give up this kind of situation!


I have no doubt there are many exciting, fulfilling days ahead both professionally and otherwise.  (I do have a wonderful next chapter lined up already, but I’m a little superstitious and don’t want to say anything specific before my first day next week!)  But today, I’m a little sad, a whole lot grateful, and really, really happy I was able to be a corporate #NordyGirl.  If you want tips on how not to cry during your exit interview…. don’t ask me because I wept like a baby.


To the Nordstrom family, I say: Thank you for being a friend.