Between Seasons in the Hudson Valley

Posted on September 20th, 2017

Between family vacations and our minimoon I’ve definitely done my fair share of preaching on the greatness of Mohonk Mountain House.  On our way back from Saratoga this weekend, my family took a few hours to check in on our little slice of heaven as “daytrippers” for lunch, a carriage ride, and a little strolling around the grounds.





The northeast is unspeakably gorgeous in the fall, and it was apparent that we were just a few weeks away from the bold fiery colors that characterize autumnal bliss in the Hudson Valley.  Sunday was quite warm, however, and I found myself caught between that summer and fall state of mind.





With weather that feels like sundresses but a calendar that says otherwise, I have found myself looking to blend the two and reaching for neutrals.  Layering a pullover sweater over a dress is both a figure flattering and practical solution.  The sweater can be removed if need be, and you’ll still look put together underneath.  I find this usually works best with a sweater that is a bit longer and a bit looser, and pairs nicely with straighter dresses (shifts, sheaths) than with fit & flare. Black & white is not my usual color scheme (contrary to recent appearances), but it’s always a safe bet for any season.  I’m also counting this as my personal “wear white after Labor Day” rebellion!


If it seems like I am constantly wearing the same pairs of shoes recently, it is because I am.  Most of my shoes are in storage, but this has been an interesting insight into how many pairs of shoes I really need.  And yes, I could have edited out the bandaid, but I decided to go for some blogger realness instead.





I know some people are opposed to the sweater + dress look– what is your stance?  Shop similar pieces below (and click here to view in browser):