Weekend Walks

Posted on November 7th, 2017

There are so many little joys that have come from living closer to my family, from casual weekend lunches to impromptu walks after work.  I could pretend that I had not thought of this before we moved, but I’d by lying– as soon as I knew we were moving to New York, I called permanent, forever dibs on my favorite family chore: dogsitting Gracie, our family dog!


My parents travel very frequently, so Gracie has already had several extended stays in Westchester.  I think she views it as her vacation home.  During the week, a dogwalker spends time with Gracie during the middle of the day and Ian and I handle the morning and evening duties (we hate leaving her to go to work!), but on the weekends we have time for long, leisurely walks around town.




Even though my new office is the most casually dressed at which I’ve worked, I still find myself taking it down one notch on the weekend.  With our marathon training schedule, we’re running somewhere between 13 and 20 miles on Saturday mornings, so the last thing I feel like doing after showering and a little recovery is putting tight clothes on my achy body.  I’ve been reaching for looks like these frequently.




The “athleisure” trend can be a bit misleading.  There is no real exercise I could do in this cozy Athleta wrap cardigan, for example, but it is a good pre/post class piece for those 6am workouts, and can handle a long puppy walk and weekend errands, too.  It is more of an elevated jersey sweatshirt material, has enough length to provide coverage in the back, and is crazy soft and comfortable.  I now own three of these Ts, which similarly provide a longer length that makes them easy to wear with everything (size down, though!).



I also recently went back to Lululemon leggings after a few years away while I worked my Nordstrom discount… guys.  They’re so expensive, but so worth it.  No other garment makes me quite as appreciative of my Bar Method booty.  I was in denial, but am willing to admit the error of my legging ways.


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