Friday Five

Posted on November 10th, 2017

Fridays are my favorite days in the blogosphere.  I love the roundups people post, from the products they recommend to the articles that have resonated with them.  I’m religious about reading the posts of the blogs I follow in order, and with my schedule lately I’m only through October 30… but I look forward to eventually reading the Friday postings from today, too :-)



-The Draper James blog frequently has amazingly delicious recipes, but unfortunately, taste testing is not part of the job. We’ve been drooling over this cake since the post went live, so I’m bringing it for the team for a Friday treat today. I sometimes find baking with pumpkin difficult from a texture perspective, but hopefully sticking to the advice of the professionals will lead me to success.


-I ordered these shoes the second they hit the website because I don’t think they’ll be in stock very long!  I’m glad I ordered two sizes, because I noticed they’re already sold out in one of them.  Plaid shoes are such a good way to make a neutral outfit feel festive.


-I’m a littttle bit compulsively proactive, so I HAD to order my Christmas cards in October to get the early bird discount. I used a new vendor this year, so I was a little unsure, but they arrived this week and definitely exceeded my expectations. The paper is excellent quality, the turnaround was fast, and there were so, so many designs I loved that it was difficult to choose a favorite. Can’t wait to share them once I get them in the mail in December!


-The ranch house is admittedly not my dream aesthetic, but the Before & After on this one in New Orleans is giving me so many good vibes. The kitchen and master bedroom are particular favorites. I’m very strongly considering this bed for our new master, and seeing the similar look here is making me feel very secure in that decision!


-Last but not least… sometimes, I see a glimpse of my future#friesbeforeguys #friesbeforeeverything