Being Grateful

Posted on November 22nd, 2017

There is so much for which I am overwhelmingly, profoundly grateful. The unconditional love of my family. The support of my friends. The partnership of my husband. My education, my job, my home. They are amazing constants in my life, a beautiful baseline I appreciate more with each passing day. Truthfully, their magnitude is hard to write about—it is something I feel, but due in large part to my limited skills as a writer have trouble expressing.


So in the season of giving thanks, I took a pass at a different exercise. I thought about the everyday joys, the little moments and feelings and everyday objects that make life feel that much more meaningful, or even just ore fun. If you’re looking for a way to feel really fantastic this weekend between leftovers, online shopping, trips to the mall, I highly suggest it.



I took this picture at the shore near our house on Saturday. At sunrise, we were 10 miles into an 18 mile run. The beauty of the moment left me speechless!



  1. When the first wave of caffeine washes over you
  2. The smell of sunscreen
  3. Weeknight football (and weekend football!)
  4. Public transit
  5. Cashmere
  6. Notes from friends who see something and are reminded of you
  7. Noise cancelling headphones
  8. Fireworks
  9. Fat free feta
  10. Plaid season
  11. Instagram communities
  12. The comfort of routine
  13. Lululemon leggings
  14. Mothers who always answer the phone
  15. Amazon Prime
  16. The institution of marriage
  17. Free Drink Days at Starbucks
  18. The timelessness of blue and white
  19. Bundled-up winter walks
  20. Popcorn
  21. Direct flights to your hometown
  22. Long runs in 45 degree weather
  23. The power and truth of numbers
  24. Group text threads
  25. Pandora’s Christmas music
  26. The warm hug of a beautifully merchandised shop
  27. Weekends with no plans
  28. Support and generosity from unexpected places
  29. Going places without looking up directions
  30. Friendly cashiers, baristas, servers, etc.
  31. Longer battery life
  32. Working remotely
  33. When you adore your friend’s significant others
  34. Creative people sharing content
  35. Commuting shoes
  36. Being a restaurant regular
  37. Complex harmonies
  38. Child’s pose at the end of a barre class
  39. Self-awareness
  40. Getting to sit next to your spouse on the train
  41. The charm of old homes
  42. Feminism
  43. Husbands who laugh at your jokes
  44. Children’s laughter, sincerity, and wonderment
  45. Wordplay
  46. The burning smell immediately after you light a candle
  47. Therapists
  48. Sharing memories with the ones with whom you lived them
  49. Christmas lights
  50. Snagging the perfect reservation


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!