Friday Five

Posted on December 1st, 2017

Rabbit Rabbit!  The Thanksgiving/early December feels kind of like the Friday of the calendar year.  Still have work to do, but the anticipation is mounting.  I love it!



Gray Malin sent out new wallpapers this morning, so between his festive images and this glitter case even my phone is now officially decked out for the season.


Construction is well underway back at the Nightingale Nest.  Since we both commute into the city and are gone from 7:30-7:30 every day, we haven’t actually seen any workmen, but rush home every evening to examine their progress.  It’s like my personal team of elves who are bringing me all I want for Christmas.  This weekend, we have our final meeting for kitchen layouts and cabinets before we place our order.  It feels more and more real with each passing day!


I was relatively tame with my Cyber Monday purchases.  I had gotten this sweater during the Anniversary Sale in the summer, so scooped up another color (pink!), and also got these shoes for commuting/Disney World next month.  I’m also still trying to overcome my aversion to pants, so I’m looking forward to trying this middle ground option.


As excited as the royal engagement is, I’m probably even more excited about this meme.  Love is actually all around!


I finished reading Lilac Girls on the train this week.  Truthfully, while I found a lot of the plot compelling, the writing was pretty basic and it stretched on approximately 150 pages longer than it needed to.  If you haven’t read The Nightingale or All the Light We Cannot SeeI would still start there.  Looking forward to a trip to the bookstore for a new selection this weekend!